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Vacation Rental Scams

A vacation rental is a great option while traveling to have the comforts of home. However, scammers love to take advantage of vacationers by making false promises and creating a sense of urgency to fool them into paying for something that doesn’t exist.

Garage Doors – Legislative Alert

California, in 2018, experienced its most destructive fire season in history. Widespread power outages made it difficult or impossible for some to escape. Some residents perished because they were unable to manually open their garage doors.

Top 10 School Districts in San Diego County

Buying a home in an accredited school district is a top priority for many potential San Diego homebuyers.

Rental Scam Awareness

Rental scams are as old as the landlord-tenant relationship. The oldest most common scams were landlords keeping the security deposit, but now with the spread of technology, the opportunity for fraud has never been greater.

5 Best Areas to Live in San Diego County

To say you live in San Diego is already a privilege that many love to boast about, but to say you reside in these 5 areas around the city, can make bragging rights all the more superior. Variances around the county make living in one spot or the other “best” for whatever it is you are particularly looking for.

Are you searching for a cleaning company?

Selecting cleaning services is common practice for our Property Management brokerage. Refer to the following tips on hiring a cleaning business or individual cleaning person

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